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Silicon Valley is probably the first location that comes to mind when you think of the tech scene in California. However, Silicon Valley is not the only city on the west coast that should be on your radar. San Diego has proved to be a tech powerhouse time and time again. San Diego, located on the Pacific Ocean, has more than just stunning scenery and miles of picturesque beaches to offer. It is also an idyllic place to enroll in a coding bootcamp and start a tech career.


 According to the Times of San Diego, it was one of four cities that accounted for 90% of the growth in American technology jobs. “America’s Finest City” will continue to make splashes in the tech scene with its top-notch coding bootcamps. Learn more with our list of the best San Diego coding bootcamps in 2020. 


1. General Assembly


General Assembly, opened in 2011, has 20 campuses worldwide. One of those campuses includes sunny San Diego. General Assembly offers several different coding bootcamps, including both part-time and full-time curriculums. If you are not a local of San Diego, you can opt for its remote courses. Immersive bootcamps in software engineering, UX design, data science, product management, data analytics, and more are offered through General Assembly. Additionally, all the lessons are delivered live and virtually from some of General Assembly’s professional instructors.


Furthermore, General Assembly has over 19,000 hiring partners, including but not limited to Mastercard, Amazon, FitBit, and Anthropologie. Students will graduate with a full professional portfolio and sample projects. Employer sponsorship, payment plans, and tuition discounts may be applicable to selected students.


2. Learn Academy


Learn Academy calls San Diego, California home, and now you can call Learn Academy home. Its three-month bootcamp and one-month internship focus on JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS, and more. Learn Academy focuses on hands-on learning for those looking to enter the tech industry or expand their knowledge within their current tech career. Not only do students learn how to code, but Learn Academy supports them every step of the way with resume and portfolio support, salary negotiations, and interview prep. Even after students secure jobs, Learn Academy continues to support through alumni events and additional training.


3. UC San Diego Extension Boot Camps


Enroll in one of the UC San Diego Extension Boot Camps by Trilogy Education Services in San Diego, California. After enrollment, all students will be required to complete a pre-course tutorial before the bootcamp starts. The bootcamp offers a full stack curriculum covering HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, JAVA, and more. The UC San Diego boot camps can be completed in either a full-time 12-week or a part-time 24-week time frame. The part-time curriculum is perfect for working professionals or full-time students. UC San Diego provides support like portfolio reviews, networking events, workshops, career coaching, and more. Students will graduate from the program with an award of completion and a complete portfolio to demonstrate their skills to employers.


4. SoftStack Factory


SoftStack Factory is a unique coding bootcamp. This non-profit part-time coding bootcamp is, of course, located in San Diego, California. SoftStack offers two bootcamps—students can enroll in either web development or a data science coding bootcamp. The bootcamps range from 12 to 24 weeks, depending on which one is chosen and both are broken down into different phases. Furthermore, SoftStack Factory offers a pay-as-you-go tuition option to students.


5. San Diego Code School


The San Diego Code School offers either an immersive eight weeks (full-time) or 16 weeks (part-time) coding program. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and DevOps are just a few of the coding skills that students will learn in the bootcamp. Additionally, students looking to enroll in the San Diego Code School should have beginner level coding experience. Students can work or attend school full-time during the program as classes are only held on weekends. However, students will be expected to commit to 40 hours a week studying at home. After the conclusion of the course, students will complete an internship with a local tech company. After the internship, students can take advantage of career assistance offered by the school.


So, Where in San Diego Should You Enroll?


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Start a picturesque career in the tech industry by enrolling in a San Diego coding bootcamp today.


As seen above, there are plenty of options for those trying to either enter the tech industry or advance their already established career. The advantages of living in San Diego are endless, both the city itself and the growing tech industry offer many of those. Not only is there a strong economy in San Diego, but the average salary for a tech professional in the city is  $113,000 annually. Furthermore, there are over 3,000 open tech jobs currently in San Diego. Additionally, HP, Apple, Microsoft, Google, Intuit, and FICO all have offices in the coastal state. If you are considering a tech career in San Diego, then start the process by enrolling in a coding bootcamp today. 

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