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San Diego life has a lot to love, including amazing weather and a thriving tech community. If you have tech skills and know which fields show promise for the future, you can ensure yourself of a regular paycheck for your entire career. But first, you need to know about the fast-growing industries in San Diego county. The tech-fluent professional who understands the top technological companies in San Diego can stay on top of the latest training and make themself a valuable employee.


Our guide is here to get you the information you need about the best San Diego tech industries. We provide you with information on jobs in research marketplaces, military tech, and other booming fields that want your skills and will pay handsomely for them. And we let you know how to pick up the training to compete for the best gigs. Before you know it, the employers will beat a path to your door.


Research Marketplaces


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There’s always something else to discover.


Today’s scientific community is an interconnected web of institutions and individuals, and they’re all looking for easy ways to connect and share data. Some companies in San Diego recognize the need for a collaborative scientific marketplace that connects with big business. They need folks to develop newer and better ways to allow scientists to join forces and make big discoveries.


As you might expect, scientific marketplaces require diverse tech skills to keep them running. Database engineers are in luck; if you know your way around a database and can program in SQL and MySQL, you can find plenty of positions. Coders with HTML and CSS experience are in high demand, and those folks with backend development skills such as PHP, Python, and Ruby will always find a home.  There are lots of top-quality bootcamps to help you pick up the skills, and you can always find free online training.  




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If we keep trying, we’re sure we can learn how to grow tails.


Biotechnology goes hand-in-hand with scientific marketplaces and pharmaceutical companies, so it’s no surprise to discover that San Diego has a thriving biotech industry, too. Biotechnology studies living organisms and develop technological processes that mimic biology. Developments in biotech are all around us enhancing our modern world, and the people who work in the field use cutting-edge tools and approaches. If you want a challenge that offers plenty of rewards, consider getting into biotech.


There are plenty of ways to get into biotechnology for people who don’t wish to go through a four-year program. Biotech needs coders; so if you’ve picked up Java, R, Python, CSS, and Biopython, you’re sure to find a great gig. And if you’re a dab hand at systems administration and know your way around storage, you can always find work in one of San Diego’s biotech firms. Self-study will get you the skills you need for these positions, or you can look into a San Diego coding bootcamp to give you a quality education in a short period.


Military Technology


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Help keep ‘em in the air.


When you think of San Diego, you probably imagine beaches and fish tacos. But military technology isn’t far behind and defines San Diego as much as its recreational opportunities. San Diego has lots of military bases and offices, and the architecture needed to support and develop technology for the military is big business in the town. Military technology has been one of the fastest-growing industries in San Diego for a long time, and it needs tech workers.


Quality assurance (QA) is one of military tech’s unsung heroes. Any tech that the military uses needs to be as robust and error-free as possible; effective QA ensures consistent high-quality products. You can pick up good QA habits through online study, and it will make you a more attractive tech worker. If you have strong skills in HTML programming or database administration and take the time to develop your QA toolkit, you’ll be like gold to tech recruiters.


Web Development


A person looks at websites on a laptop
Keep the internet looking and smelling fresh.


Last time I checked, the web was still with us and getting bigger by the second. Web development companies have a huge footprint in San Diego and become more essential to business every year. All fastest-growing companies in San Diego require a top-notch web developer. They all need programmers who can step up and create newer and better apps and pages. If you have skills in web coding, you’re just right for the San Diego job market.


Web development requires you to spend lots of time chatting with computers in their own languages, so pick up the most popular web languages, including CSS, HTML, Java, and JavaScript. Perhaps more importantly, web developers also use soft skills such as collaboration and teamwork to keep everyone working in unison toward a common goal. Online resources are a great way to get free coding training or look into enrolling in a coding bootcamp near you.


So there you go, me hearties. Life in San Diego can be idyllic if you have a good tech gig, but it’s important to know which fields need your help. Our look at the top tech fields in the San Diego business shows you which jobs are ready for you and how to acquire the proper training. With our assistance, your next job will be a winner.


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