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San Diego is a wonderful city, and it offers lots of job opportunities for new tech workers. To land a satisfying job with a high salary, you’ll want to know which tech fields pay the best. Having a grasp on what jobs in San Diego pay well will give you a leg up and show you which professions will let you bring home lots of green. When you know about the top tech jobs in San Diego, you can make an educated choice and select the right career path for your interests.


In this article, you’ll get everything you need to start down the path toward a rewarding and profitable career. You’ll get information on the highest paying jobs in San Diego tech and will also find out which skills you should develop to be a top star in your new field. You’re sure to find a path that appeals to you. With our advice and assistance, you’ll be earning big and living large in no time. 


Software Engineer


A computer program displayed on a monitor
Learn how to make computers do your bidding.


The position of software engineer seems to make its way onto lists of the best tech jobs year after year. That’s because many businesses use proprietary software or alter existing apps for specific functions, and they always need folks to do the development work. It’s rare to walk into a large company and not find a group of software engineers beavering away at a program.


San Diego pays its software engineers well; many engineers in the city bring home $95K a year or more to start, and the salaries only go up with experience. The estimated salary in the Bureau of Labor Statistics for software engineers is $105,599, which is a little higher than the estimated salary in San Diego, but it’s still one of the highest-paid job classifications. You’ll need knowledge of a full suite of development tools to compete for jobs, though. Study programming languages such as HTML, CSS, Java, and JavaScript. A background in math will also help you go far as a software engineer.


Product Manager


A manager assists a worker
If you use your knowledge to help others, everyone succeeds in your knowledge to help others, and everyone succeeds.


Among the high-paying jobs in San Diego are plenty of positions you can get without a computer science degree, including product manager (PM) positions. PM’s help facilitates production, and you’ll find them wherever more than a few engineers gather. The local business community always needs at least a few more PMs to whip their teams into shape and develop top-notch products.


PMs make a nice living in San Diego; as a PM, you can expect to see yearly salaries in excess of $105K. To compete as a PM, you need a mix of hard and soft skills. You’ll lead a team, and that means you should brush up on your interpersonal skills. Additionally, you’ll need a good technical foundation if you want your engineers’ respect, so bone up on software development and the languages your team will use. 


UI/UX Designer


Two people work on a UI/UX flowchart
A happy customer interface equals a happy company.


As the technical world develops and matures, user interface/user experience (UI/UX) design becomes increasingly vital to businesses. There are tons of companies in San Diego that develop apps, either for computers or mobile platforms, and they all want the services of a good UI/UX designer to make those apps easier for customers to use. UI/UX designers are hot commodities, and they make all of our lives a little better.


You’ll make bank in San Diego as a UI/UX designer. You can plan on netting $115K or more a year. This role, like that of a product manager, requires you to have both hard and soft skills. You need an instinctive ability to think like a customer and adjust the interface, and having good communication skills is a must, too. Get well versed in visual design and wireframing, as you’ll be using them every day in your design work.


Java Developer


Computer code on a monitor
Do you Java?


If you’ve spent any time working as a developer, or even a few nights pecking out code on your home PC, you’ve likely heard of Java. Java is one of the most popular programming languages around today and is the top choice for many companies who want a robust web presence. When used in conjunction with HTML and other languages, you can utilize Java to create almost any app. San Diego needs Java developers, and companies will pay plenty to snag them.


You can learn Java in a short amount of time through self-study or a bootcamp, and you’ll need a fair number of other skills, too. Get to know AJAX, JUnit, and JSTL, and build up a good foundation of knowledge about MCS frameworks, like Spring, Struts, and Playframework. Hibernate and JPA knowledge are invaluable for folks who need database control. Make sure to brush up on version control in general and Git in particular, too.


And there you go, friends and neighbors. San Diego offers a lot to its residents, and that includes high-paying tech jobs. Our guide shows you the top tech jobs in San Diego and helps you find the right career choice. In no time at all, you’ll be rolling in dough and loving your tech gig.


Do you have any thoughts you want to share on top salaries in San Diego? If so, please let us know your opinion on high paying jobs in San Diego tech in the comments section below.


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