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San Diego is one of the top 20 fastest-growing cities in the US, according to Census Bureau. This is reflected in many industries including tech. A huge number of San Diego tech companies have attracted more funding each year, and the city has made it as one of the top ten tech hubs in the country, just by the number of deals. 


This growth has not only increased the number of graduates in the field but attracted tech professionals from all over the country. If you are interested to learn more, here are some of the best companies in San Diego that are paving the way for a wondrous future of tech. 




Sendlane’s team at the beach
Compared to a newsletter, welcome emails have an 87% better open rate.


Sendlane is a behavior-based email marketing automation platform whose core mission is to be a part of the solution. Customers want personalized offerings. With Sendlane’s intelligence packed platform, you can send product recommendations tailored to each individual customer to help increase sales and customer satisfaction. Also, you can collect all the data that matters to your business. Track every site visit, click, purchase, and sent emails to find hidden revenue potential or to learn the exact ROI from your recent campaigns.


Sendlane has an ever-growing list of 1,400+ integrations and you can do even more with your email marketing. All in all, Sendlane’s services allow for email marketing, marketing automation, SMS marketing, multivariable segmentation, real-time analytics, and much more. Sendlane’s offices offer a fully stocked break room, an open floor plan that cultivates collaboration, ping pong, shuffleboard tables, unlimited PTO, schedule flexibility, remote-work on Friday, fully funded medical, dental, and vision insurances, among others.




Sizigi’s team members at a meeting
With digital resumes, companies and hiring managers get a better understanding of who you are and what makes you special.


Sizigi believes every person is a unique brand and that paper resumes are gradually becoming obsolete. Sizigi is empowering professionals to tell their stories through digital experiences that deeply connect with hiring managers and companies. 


Digital storytelling replaces ancient paper resumes with curated videos, blog posts, and links that represent one’s unique professional brand—all on their own private profile. People should have the freedom to represent their own unique brand, skills, and professional journey through engaging media experiences.  


Sizigi came into inception in September 2019 after CEO and founder Tony Malz was let go from his previous company after over 10 years of service. Like most, he had not updated his resume in years. Tony discovered that many companies were streamlining their recruiting effort by using tech to score resumes based on keywords and people were greatly lacking professional individuality. Since then, he has ramped up the team and released Sizigi’s global platform which connects candidates and hiring managers via a private microsite.




Prancer’s founder Farshid Mahdavipour
Prancer supports AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud platforms.


Enterprises are deploying resources to the cloud at the speed of light. They are provisioning various types of resources in multiple clouds, based on the requirements of their businesses. Keeping the cloud a secure and safe place for innovation is of paramount concern for IT security nowadays. Prancer is a cloud validation framework that can ensure your cloud environment meets the industry standards.


Other functions include performing Infrastructure as Code (IaC) compliance test, cloud to cloud configuration comparison, and cloud to provisioning engine (or text files) attributes comparison. Prancer can also document your cloud resources and keep track of changes for the deployed resources in your cloud implementation.


Its framework can also read custom JSON formats, YAML files, and Hashicorp Terraform. Prancer also provides web interface access for enterprises but it is only available in the Enterprise and Premium version of the product. Companies can use this feature to have reports of the validation tests and manage the configuration files.


Nine Nine Technology


Nine Nine Technology’s founder Alex Allen
The team has been creating software solutions for over 50 years.


Nine Nine designs personalized software solutions for each customer’s individual needs. It develops dynamic and innovative products across a wide variety of industries—from retail to broadcast to virtual reality. Nine Nine’s knowledge, experience, and passion for development powered it to craft high-quality solutions for every client. Nine-Nine is women-owned, has a 50% female board, and it has a patent-pending in the augmented reality space. Its CEO was also a panelist at the 2020 San Diego Tech Women’s Summit.


Its expertise is in handling devices. If it has a signal, Nine Nine Technology can create control software to meet your needs. The company also provides a tool called Status Monitoring Solutions for customers to get real-time updates on their systems. It also prides having a dedicated test team that performs meticulous bug checks to ensure that customers get the highest quality software on delivery.


Confidential Recovery


From left: Program Manager Lina Silva-Cestero, CEO Scott H. Silverman, Clinical Director Dr. Regina Huelsenbeck, and COO Duane Trombly
Confidential Recovery provides premium outpatient treatment to those battling with long-term addiction.


Confidential Recovery provides counseling and support to help people maintain abstinence from an addictive substance that has negatively impacted their lives. It has a multidisciplinary team that can help people work through issues that steer them into substance misuse. Most importantly, its program maintains a professional approach and a confidential setting.


Regardless of the reason patients end up at Confidential Recovery’s door, they will be attended to with care and treatment that supports sustainable recovery. The team also believes that a successful recovery can only be made possible if the stigma of addiction and treatment is removed. It utilizes evidence-based methods such as Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Seeking Safety, Mindfulness Meditation, and EMDR.


Confidential Recovery is a great option for continued treatment and support after discharging from a detox clinic or a residential addiction program. It also provides and supports Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT), a treatment that has been proven to increase the chances of recovery.


Fuse Integration


Fuse Integration’s office space
Veterans make up approximately 40 percent of Fuse’s team members.


Fuse designs, engineers, and delivers innovative network, hardware, and software solutions to meet the needs of the warfighters and first responders, aside from advancing their capabilities. Fuse implements agile methodologies and commercial design’s best practice to develop solutions for the challenges in the defense tech industry. It focuses its attention on user experience to provide and deliver functional, effective, and efficient solutions. Fuse founders identified that far too much engineering for DoD systems did not connect with the real needs of the users at the tactical edge. 


Those users—warfighters who are deployed around the world today—face some of the most challenging and life-threatening situations anywhere on earth. Because of this, Fuse wants to design the best products and solutions for them. Fuse offers its employees a real work-life balance in high accountability and low control environment. It offers highly competitive pay and benefits packages and incredible growth opportunities for all employees. 


Variant Media


Variant Media’s logo

Variant Media has an Unsplash profile where the team shares cool photos in cool places.


Variant Media helps people achieve their digital goals. The company came to existence because there are too many people who want to create something but they don’t know how to. On the surface, Variant Media does full-funnel customer acquisition. However, at its core, Variant Media is there to help in any way possible. Its employees have benefits and perks like remote working options, constant personal development, and team gatherings in San Diego.


Variant Media uses advertising, data analytics, and SEO tools to help you find customers and make decisions. Its services range from building a complete marketing campaign with an effective landing page and easy-to-read tracking, to full-funnel website optimization for monetization. Find out more about Variant Media on its Facebook, Instagram, Unsplash,, and LinkedIn accounts. 




Cardea’s team members
Cardea was born to connect digital technology directly to biology.


Cardea will significantly expand the amount and quality of accessible biological information on this planet. It will do this by unlocking the knowledge and signals perfected by three billion years of evolution with biological electronics and enabling anyone to “conduct biology”. Cardea has set out to change how people think about biology.


With a new way of conducting biology via Cardea’s new biological electronics infrastructure, it will empower its innovation partners with new competitive advantages and product types in their ever-changing markets. Cardea believes there are no impossible problems.


Cardea is now mass-manufacturing chips at scale and its partners have started to significantly expand the amount, type, and quality of biological data they capture by building products that conduct biology. Cardea’s biology-gated transistors are the world’s first electrical transistors to directly connect biological and digital networks.




Measurabl’s team
Measurabl is a 75-person team of real estate, sustainability, and software experts who care about solving the problem of our generation.


Measurabl is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company that offers a data management platform for the real estate industry. It’s also an ESG (environmental, social, governance) platform. Measurabl has many clients in over 70 countries and its total range could reach nine billion square feet. This translates to more than 40,000 commercial buildings. Its main purpose is to help buildings disclose, manage, and measure their performance on sustainability. From automated utility data sync to building and portfolio benchmarking to advanced reporting, Measurabl takes your sustainability data from the meter to market. Measurabl raised $18.7 million in funding in 2019. 


Companies use Measurabl’s platform to smoothly run operations, financing activities, and more. Data is nothing without powerful insights to give them value, and that’s what Measurabl does. It helps its users to increase scores in multiple sustainability frameworks, enhance the company’s value, and improve brand resonance. With Measurabl, customers will be able to make a connection between locations globally.




OnePitch co-founder Jered Martin
OnePitch offers employees a $500 yearly learning and development stipend that can be used towards both professional and personal development.


OnePitch’s mission is to connect the right people, with the right information, at the right time. Its main value is truth, being honest, and transparent in everything it does as a company and as a community. OnePitch filters and eliminates bad pitches. It gets solid, specific, and relevant industry leads to tech journalists. And it connects publicists with journalists who can tell their story. 


OnePitch offers comprehensive benefits to each full-time employee including medical, dental, and vision, paid maternity and paternity leave, pawternity (our pet leave policy), and personal (paid) days off, a $50 monthly stipend for health and fitness, each quarter a remote workweek for employees, and more. OnePitch’s office space is located inside the El Cortez building located in Cortez Hill on the northside of downtown San Diego. It’s a shared office space that includes a full kitchen, laundry, a pool and jacuzzi, and a gym.




FuelRod’s team at Christmas
Each FuelRod includes adapters for Apple and most Android devices that are yours to keep, at no additional charge.


FuelRod is a service station but instead of selling gas, it serves energy. This means it’s a mobile charging service that delivers energy through portable chargers. You buy a portable charger and when it dies, you will be able to exchange it with a fully charged one at any of FuelRod’s stations. It has more than 40 locations all over the US and in almost every theme and amusement park in Florida. 


FuelRod is the first service of its kind and users can use the chargers on-the-go at any time. Users have the option of recharging the rod themselves or simply changing it for one complete charge at the station. The best part is that the swapping stations are completely automated and really easy to use. FuelRod’s charger costs between $22 to $30, depending on the location. The battery power lasts around eight hours on smartphones or four hours for tablets.  


Environmental Lights


Environmental Lights’ team in front of its office
Environmental Lights can preconfigure products and add special connectors so your lighting arrives ready to plug-and-play.


Environmental Lights transforms the world with LED lighting technology that is unique and innovative. It partners with customers from project inception, through planning, specification, and installation of their LED lighting systems to ensure its products create solutions that match their exact needs. Anne and Greg Thorson founded it in 2006. The former has a bachelor’s degree in management while the latter completed his higher studies in electrical engineering.


Environmental Lights’ works transform environments in an array of industries including retail, entertainment, exhibit, hospitality, gaming, and audiovisual. The core values of Environmental Lights are people matter while striving for engineering excellence and customization. It offers a wide range of materials and libraries for those interested in the subject to learn about LED technology and all its products. 


The Atlas


From left: Head engineer Angela Murrell with founders Elle Hempen and Ellory Monks
Staff from more than 400 governments around the world participates in the Atlas.


The Atlas was founded by three women—two of them were military spouses and all three have worked for the government at one point or another. The founders left their civil jobs in 2013 to work with eight local governments to try and create infrastructure innovations. It was a philanthropic effort to create a bigger community where cities around the world can learn from each other, share experiences, and build better relationships.  


The Atlas team envisions a world where cities are safer, smarter, and more sustainable. Thanks to The Atlas, local city officials will be able to solve difficult problems like climate change, mobility, and citizen engagement by implementing what is already working in other locations. 


The Atlas is an online community where local government officials and staff share their success stories, learn what’s working in other cities, and build relationships with partners. With its platform, users can browse case studies in a database of 500+ actionable examples, all published by its members.




CEO of Incitrio Angela Hill
Incitrio has won numerous accolades including the GDUSA National Design Award, Create Magazine National Design Award (Gold), and many more.


Incitrio pulled together best-in-class, 100% USA talent to give you the highest caliber creativity combined with exceptional customer service. Its team’s combined years of experience easily exceeds one hundred and its founder’s past agency experience working with Fortune 500 brands greatly enhances the work it does with both its local and global clients.


Incitrio’s CEO, Angela Hill, has more than 28 years of experience in marketing, design, and branding in at least three cities in the US. Plus she has worked with international brands in countries like India, Argentina, Japan, Korea, Sweden, some countries in the Middle East, and many more.  Because Hill is known internationally, Incitrio works with many international clients that already trust its CEO.


Incitrio helps a variety of clients including those in the biomedical, non-profit, education, professional, retail, and technological field. It offers its employees competitive benefits and perks like healthcare insurance, 401k options, paid time off and sick leave, mileage reimbursement, and the possibility to work from home, as needed.




UnfoldLabs’ website
UnfoldLabs products are a result of innovation, passion, and creativity.


UnfoldLabs is a service company with innovative products that is headquartered in San Diego.  As technology trends are growing at a tremendous rate, companies have to align their objectives to keep up with new technologies and trends. UnfoldLabs’ team is experienced in helping clients with innovative solutions to ride these changes and reach new horizons. Plus, the team uses agile practices to develop and innovate in cloud and mobile solutions. UnfoldLabs can take you from pure ideation to complete product development and marketing, ensuring a high level of success in the US market.


In this new world of ever-changing market dynamics, having products or new product ideas is not sufficient to capitalize. UnfoldLabs has the right expertise to help your company through tough marketing strategies and business plans. Its products include MyFamily, SecureMe, 2020 App Lock, 2020 Wallet, Mobile Switch, Unfold Prints, and Red Green.




HazardHub’s logo
The company touts itself as having the most comprehensive property risk data ever created.


HazardHub believes that everyone should know the risk around any property—whether it’s their home, office, or business. HazardHub is out to conquer the property risk market by providing the best risk assessment data at an unbelievably affordable price. 


It is the only third-generation company that provides a database for hazard risk on properties. HazardHub has a team of scientists that study great amounts of geospatial data to translate it into answers. With these powerful insights, users can make real-time decisions on risk assessments. HazardHub offers national coverage for damages in a property caused by many natural sources like tornado, lightning, coastal storm surge, wildfire, surge, and more. 


When using HazardHub, users can see a kind of report card, that is specific to each geographic zone, which shows the climate risks in the area of their property.  The biggest perk it offers to employees is the ability to work from wherever they like. The company also loves to develop new data products, so everyone has a great chance to learn and grow.




Locbit's logo
Locbit’s platform allows its clients tooptimize, automate, and control all the smart devices in a building.


Locbit offers an automation platform for optimizing the processes of the IoT. Its solutions can optimize risk management, energy efficiency, and build automation. Locbit’s business platform is very user-friendly and allows its users to manage and improve building operations through a smartphone or other mobile device. Users can use customized solutions on Locbit’s platform to more efficiently conserve energy and manage a building. 


For Locbit’s platform to work, users have to connect all the IoT devices in the locations. They can be switches, appliances, equipment, machines, and others. Then, the platform will collect and analyze data from all the devices, giving the user powerful insights to improve the process. At last, the platform comes with artificial intelligence that automatically modifies the systems to make them more efficient. According to its website, clients will save 50% on energy and reduce repairs costs. It is also a good investment that basically pays for itself in two years or less. 





AcheRx was founded in 2011 to leverage the founder’s experience discovering and developing peptide drugs gained from over 16 years of research.


AcheRx is focused on developing peptide therapeutics, for validated targets, where small molecule approaches have failed either due to compound-related toxicity, chemical scale-up intractability, or cost of goods. It will also accomplish preliminary toxicology and pharmaceutics evaluation to ensure that the candidate is a viable development candidate with the goal of partnering for further development. The primary goal is to produce high-quality development candidates that have superior safety and/or efficacy compared to small molecule clinical candidates that have been evaluated. 


CEO and Founder Chris Soares brings to Acherx more than 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Previously, he served as associate director of research at Amylin Pharmaceuticals Inc., where he discovered and advanced three clinical candidates—one of which advanced to Phase II. Dr. Soares received his bachelor’s degree in chemistry from the University of Mumbai and his master’s in organic chemistry from UC Davis. As a postdoctoral research fellow, he worked on de novo peptide and protein design in the laboratories of Prof. Reza Ghadiri at The Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla. 




Manscaped's team
About 85% of women think bad grooming is a major turn off, so start using Manscaped.


Manscaped is a company for men that offers below-the-waist grooming products. Manscaped products are designed with precision-engineer tools for a precise everyday grooming routine. Its main product is the Lawn Mower 3.0—an ergonomic and hygienic trimmer with awesome innovations to safely do the job. Men don’t have to worry anymore about putting powerful tools near sensitive areas. 


According to its website, the Lawn Mower 3.0 features engineered blades for precision, an upgraded 7,000 RPM motor with QuietStroke technology that gives the mower a smooth performance, and a rapid charging battery that is powered by USB for up to 90 minutes of use. 


Manscaped also offers skincare products that are produced with natural ingredients that don’t generate irritation or itching. Instead, they soothe the sensitive skin on the user’s most delicate parts. Manscaped cares about its community and it has worked together with the Testicular Cancer Society to raise awareness about the most common form of cancer in men.




The CasperLabs team
CasperLabs is bringing builders together to help blockchain deliver real solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges.


CasperLabs’ mission is to build a platform capable of expanding opportunity for everyone, forever. Its platform is made smart and especially for decentralized blockchain. It allows its clients to scale for real-life usages while simplifying the process for end-users. It is an upgradeable infrastructure, designed with the foresight to support what you’ve built, no matter how technologies and industries evolve. 


Also, CasperLabs has built a GraphQL interface right into the platform so your days of node polling and workarounds to get real-time data are over. With its platform, customers can build their business model accurately, knowing their usage fees are predictable and fixed. It also offers a feature that allows customers to upgrade their smart contracts whenever they need to and have an upgradable blockchain platform. This year, CasperLabs is planning to launch a feature-complete network for smart contract development and prototyping, and later a phase two with genesis validator and economic security. 


Fresh Brewed Tech


Fresh Brewed Tech’s founder, Neal Bloom.
Fresh Brewed Tech’s founder is also the CEO of Rising Tide Partner.


Fresh Brewed Tech aims to bring cohesion and awareness to the San Diego tech ecosystem. While the team highlights local leaders, the aim is to amplify the great community and technology through multiple media channels. Fresh Brewed Tech looks for companies, technologists, and founders in the tech industry that already are or planning on moving to the San Diego area. 


Fresh Brewed Tech has a podcast called Tacos + Tech, hosted by its founder Neal Bloom, where he highlights entrepreneurs in San Diego. Through the podcast, new people are able to give fresh insights into the local tech industry. The company’s website also features a blog, a newsletter, and a news section.


Southwest Antennas


the Southwest Antennas team
Southwest Antennas


This is a company that offers antenna solutions. It manufactures, designs, and delivers the products to compete in the wireless antenna market. Since it was founded in 2005, it has built a global reputation as a company with deep knowledge about wireless products. It is also known for having great customer service and expertise in antennas technology. 


Southwest Antennas fabricates different products including microwave antennas that operate at different frequencies. It also offers other products such as low-noise amplifiers, antenna mounting service, and block downconverters so clients can receive a complete service. 


The brand also provides a full range of technical services—from initial product concept designs, antenna integration solutions, and product manufacturing—covering markets including aerospace, broadcast video, law enforcement, military, homeland security, UAV/drones, surveillance, oil and gas, cellular communication, and more. Southwest Antennas has generated $8.25 million in sales in 2019. 


Mike Goncalves


Mike Goncalves
Mike Goncalves has 15+ years of experience working with small businesses and startups globally across different industries.


Mike Goncalves has made a career as a motivational speaker, educator, writer, and coach. Mike’s mission is to teach a new approach to leadership that is more motivated and creative. This way startups and small businesses can use it to grow and operate in a successful environment. Goncalves is experienced in consulting companies in many industries. 


Mike’s creative approach to leadership coaching has helped many teams to build individual skills necessary in an organization. It teaches people to cultivate the spirit, follow the passion, and transform their roles in the company. 


Mike Goncalves offers group training and workshops to create a winning, purpose-driven culture within your organization and live events for motivational leadership keynote for startups. Mike also has a podcast called “Morning with Mike” where he provides daily motivation and accountability for those looking to live a healthier, happier, and more fulfilling life.




AWolf's app interface
AWolf’s mission is to create cutting-edge custom mobile iOS applications, along with revolutionary in-vehicle hardware for the automotive industry.


AWolf offers advanced vehicle tracking and mapping capabilities, extensive mapping and navigation optimizations, and several mobile apps that receive frequent updates to maintain optimal security, privacy, compatibility. The technologies were founded in 2015, by Spencer Koltun and the company was originally named My Car Keys. 


Once the platform began to take shape and expanded its abilities, it needed a new name. The wolf was the perfect symbol for this brand, as it is heavily rooted in its foundation. The wolf you see in most of AWolf’s photos belongs to Spencer, who has raised him since he was six weeks old. He is an extremely special companion for the founder, and it is in his honor that the name AWolf was chosen.

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